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Host a


in your backyard

and get a

 FREE photo shoot

with your dogs!

Looking for a fun excuse to get together with a few friends and their dogs?  How about hosting a photo shoot party?!  


Included in the package:   20 minute photo session with each owner and pup, 1 digital jpg and $45 artistic fee waived by Hot Digital Dawg for a digital painting. 


YOU:  Live in Dallas or Garland, TX, Invite a few friends with social dogs - (limit 5 dogs per party), supply the secure space, a few munchies for your friends and a couple of water bowls and toys for the dogs.  In exchange we will waive your $75 photo shoot fee!

YOUR FRIENDS: Bring a well behaved, social dog and pay $75 each for their shoots.

US: We will provide each of you with link to your photo gallery where you can purchase additional digital jpgs for $10 each.  Canvases and prints also available for purchase from the website.  Digital Painting available for the free jpg that you choose.  Canvas cost not included.






















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