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"I just started this hobby to create pet portraits for my family and friends

but I continue to do it for all of the amazing people and pets that I've met along the way and the joy that it brings to my life!  

I have never had a more fulfilling job!"  

Kristen D.

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Coco, Billie

& Oliver

Sonja Ouellet

Fredericksburg, TX

"We absolutely love, love, love these - You did such a BEAUTIFUL job!  

The details, the looks in their eyes, super fun sunflower backgrounds - all so wonderfully done!  As Steve says, you captured the spirits of each one of them.  Thank you!  We will come back to you for more portraits - for us and as gifts to our friends and family members."


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Don Druckenbrodt

Fredericksburg, TX

"I have so enjoyed our canvases of Ollie - especially "The Pilot" portrait that I requested!

It graces my hanger workshop and is the perfect way to remember my little buddy.  I will continue to enjoy them all  for years to come!"

Don's Ollie Wall copy.jpg


Sunday Anderson - Dallas, TX


I’m pretty sure

this is perfect!"




Shawn Ashmore - Dallas, TX

"And with this portrait of Barley our pack gallery is complete!"  
We love them all!

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 9.32.45 PM.png

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King Lux

Sunday Anderson - Dallas, TX

"Kristen, Just wanted to let you know the 30x30 King Lux portrait came in today and it almost brought me to tears! My boyfriend was over the moon and loved all the detail work!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

King Lux at Home.jpg

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Candace McDowell - Garland, TX

"Oh my Gosh!  We received Buddy's canvas today.  It is beyond beautiful in every way!  We are so grateful to you.  Bless you!"

buddy & Friend.jpg

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Jacki Craft - Dallas, TX

"Look what came in today!! This is adorable!  Thank you so much,

this is amazing!"

Rowdy's Portrait_edited.jpg

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Shelby Moore - Dallas, TX

"I absolutely love it!  It is just breathtaking!  I can't wait to see the canvas when it gets here and on my wall in my living room!  I am so very excited!"


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Scott Jones - The Colony, TX

"Here is a photo of Marley with his new portrait.  When I hung it on the wall in the house, he stared at it for 15 minutes and then went over to the wall and stood up on his hind legs to put his nose on it to!"

Marley, Scott and Canvas.jpg

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Dr. Kelly Kent-Hickman - Dallas, TX

"I tried to call because I don't even know how to tell you how amazing this is in typed word!  I am so enamored of your work.  Please never stop."

Hobbs Canvas.jpeg

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Ellen Guiling - Dallas, TX

"I have never been more excited to give a gift than these!  I really wanted to hug the canvases.  The only problem with giving out 5 pieces of your art for Christmas and birthdays is that I will NEVER BE ABLE to top that gift!  Such excitement and love all around when the art was opened on Christmas Day!"

Luna's canvas.jpeg

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Nicole Rambo - Garland, TX

"I can't even put into words how much this means to me.  It is absolutely perfect, more than I could have ever imagined!"


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Jeanie McAdams - Denton, TX

"We received Ruth's bag today....isn't it cute??!!  My Mother-in-Law loooooves the artwork that you made for her!"

Kate Tote.jpg

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Vicki Shelton White - Dallas, TX

"My precious boy!! That is so darn cute!! Great job!!"

Vicki with Jack 1.JPG

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Gina Weems - Dallas, TX

"Merry Christmas!  Mel loves the portrait of Jack!!  Everyone was oohing and aching!!"

Mel & Portrait_edited.jpg

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Cindi Bunch - Dallas, TX

"Jeff loved his birthday canvas!  Thanks so much!"

Jeff & Coco's Canvas.jpg

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Chelsea Sexton - Dallas, TX

After Seeing Proofs:

"Oh my goodness. I  squealed when I saw these!  I am so obsessed!  My friend is going to DIE!!  I. CAN. NOT. WAIT."

After Receiving The Canvas: 

"I received Beau's canvas yesterday and there was no way I could wait until her birthday to give it to my friend!  She loved it!!  Thanks again so much for doing such an amazing job!"

Beau's canvas.jpeg

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Break Pad

Dori Storbeck - Mountain View, CA

"These are really excellent - I am so thrilled with this work!  I can't thank you enough!  This has been an extremely easy, fun and truly touching transaction."

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