Payment in

2 Easy steps

1. $45 ARTISTIC FEE - Payable to Hot Digital Dawg


After you send me your jpgs and we have discussed the resolution, pose, final size, colors etc., I will send you a PayPal invoice for $45 to cover my artistic fee.  If there are two pets in the same photo, the charge will be the same.  If there are more than two pets in the same photo, add $10 for each additional pet.  Once payment has been received I will add your order to my schedule and give you a turnaround estimate. Next, I will provide you with at least 3 proofs from which to choose. Limiting the number of proofs helps to keep my prices low.

2. Go to REDBUBBLE.COM to Order Your Portrait Products


Once you pick the proof that you like, I'll download it to my on-line print shop at and send you the direct link where you can order your image as a print, on canvas, a pillow, tote bag or any number of their great products directly through them at your convenience.  


Please be aware that Redbubble only offers canvases with white sides so if you'd prefer a color wrapped canvas, I am happy to order that for you from a different vendor at the same price.  CLICK HERE to see the price list below for color wrapped canvases only.  

Just click the RedBubble button below and then scroll down to view a sample portrait on some of the great products that they offer.  Just click on the image of the product that you like and select the size to view the cost of each.

Price Sheet for

Color Wrapped Canvases


Since Redbubble only offers 1.5" canvases with white sides, I like to offer my clients the option of a color wrapped canvas as well.  If you prefer that look, I am happy to order that for you through a different vendor and have it shipped directly to you. I would just send a 2nd PayPal invoice for the size and thickness of canvas that you want.


Below is an all inclusive price sheet that includes my fee plus the various sized canvas prices and shipping.  Besides the normal 1.5" thick canvas frame, this vendor also offers a thinner 3/4" frame which is a great gift sized canvas that is substantially

less expensive than Redbubble's.  

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